The Pink Treatment



The Pink Treatment is a revolutionary new skin procedure that promotes skin regeneration from the inside out.

The Pink Treatment features a nutrient-rich potent serum called the PINK solution which provides an instant skin boost and continuous regeneration for a month after treatment. The PINK solution contains a potent cocktail of 56 Proven Active Ingredients that work harmoniously to regenerate skin cells, improve skin tone, rejuvenate, moisturise and brighten the skin.

•Infuses a highly concentrated serum based on 56 key ingredients
•Rejuvenates the skin
•Improves skin tone and texture
•Stimulates collagen production
•Stimulates skin repair
•The treatment is completed with the natural RX mask which helps to heal and reduces downtime.

Who is Suitable?
•Suitable for all skin types
•Fine lines and wrinkles
•Dull, devitalised skin

Eye Contour $220

Face & Eyes $450

Face & Neck $550

Face, Neck & Decolletage $650

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