HIFU – High Intensity Focused Ultrasound



Includes the jawline and chin.
High Intensity Focused Ultrasound uses the newest technology to stimulate new collagen and fibroblasts deep within the skin, creating new tissue to improve the appearance of sagging skin and the loss of firmness. The treatment takes 6 months for collagen production. Repeated treatments are recommended after minimum 6 months.

•Does not penetrate the skin
•No visible downtime
•Stimulates collagen growth deep inside the skin

Who is suitable?
•Suitable for all skin types with signs of premature aging

Pre Treatment Prep
•Avoid strong skin treatments like peels or retinol

Post Treatment Aftercare
•Avoid strong treatments like peels or retinol for at least 2 weeks
•Keep the skin cool to avoid overheating
•Use a sunscreen on a regular basis

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Cheeks, Eye Contour, Full Face, Full Face & Neck, Jawline & Chin, Lip Contour, Neck