Brighten your skin with BB Glow



Brighten your skin with BB Glow
Brighten  your skin and even the complexion with BB Glow. The dermal treatment which leaves your skin positively glowing!
BB Glow is a non-invasive variation of needling which uses shallow depth needles to deposit light reflective pigments, nutrients and hydrating components to even the skin tone and create glow. The treatment infuses a blend of botanicals, peptides and vitamins to induce cellular regeneration.

BBGlow helps to minimise the appearance of redness and pigmentation. With repeated sessions, the results can be built up to last up to 6 months.

•Treats the face and eye contour
•Improves fine lines
•Evens pigmentation
•Improves cellular turnover
•Smoothes the skin
•Improves hydration
•No Downtime

Who is Suitable?
•Suitable for all skin types