Nano Needling



Nano needling is a variation of needling which uses shallow depth needles that are suitable for the delicate eye contour, ideal for targeting pigmentation, improving skin texture and cell turnover. The treatment helps to infuse hydration into the skin for an improved glow.

•Treats the delicate eye contour
•Can improve appearance of fine lines and crows feet
•Targets pigmentation
•Improves cellular turnover
•Smoothes the skin
•Improves hydration

Who is Suitable?
•Suitable for all skin types
•Avoid if you have any acne or cold sores present

Pre Treatment Prep
•Avoid Strong skin treatments like peels or retinol

Post Treatment Aftercare
•Use the suggested aftercare products for at least 2 days
•Avoid strong treatments like peels or retinol for at least 2 weeks
•Use a sunscreen on a regular basis