Skin Tag Removal (1-5)



What are skin tags?
Skin tags are small growths which hang off the skin and are completely harmless. They usually appear to be the same as your skin tone or in some cases slightly darker than the normal skin tone.
In most cases, skin tags appear around the neck, however, they can appear in other areas of the body as well. It is unknown what causes them, however, it is often assumed that it may be more likely to appear in areas of the skin that are prone to rubbing, although some people may be more prone to develop them than others.

Are they safe to remove?
In most cases, skin tags can easily be removed for cosmetic reasons, as they are not harmful. It is advised to see a GP to have a written confirmation that it can be removed for cosmetic reasons, which should be supplied to the practitioner of the treatment.

How are they removed?
Cosmetic skin tag removal services are now available at our clinic using a simple painless, side effect free method with the plasma pen, which destroys the skin tag by cauterising it, which in most cases also prevents regrowth.