Pink Intimate System – Intimate Rejuvenation



Pink Intimate System is an innovative new treatment for intimate rejuvenation. It is formulated for brightening, tightening and improving skin smoothness.
Changes to skin texture and colour are normal and can occur due to hormones and other factors. The Pink Intimate System is a fast, painless and effective treatment for clarifying and tightening these delicate areas. Feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin.

•Improves uneven skin tone
•Tightens the skin
•Improves skin smoothness and texture
•Slows down hair growth

Who is suitable?
Suitable for all skin types

Pre Treatment Preparation
•Shave or wax 1 week prior for best results
•Exfoliate the skin 1 week prior
•Avoid laser or IPL for 2 weeks prior to treatment

Post Treatment Aftercare
•Allow the treatment to completely absorb for a few hours
•Avoid hair removal or exfoliation for 1 week
•A series of 3 to 6 treatments is ideal in most cases
•Maintenance treatment recommended every 3 months