EXEL Elixir with Resveratrol


Exel Elixir is one of a kind serum cream formulated to repair aging skin on the cellular level.

After 5 years of extensive research, Exel’s cosmetic labs developed the revolutionary molecule
Lipmalbex which is highly concentrated in antioxidants, proven effective to delay the signs of aging

and suitable for the most sensitive of skin.

This one-step innovative formula combines the repairing

action and nutrient rich benefits of a serum with the nourishing properties of a cream. Lightweight
and easily absorbed, Elixir contains thousands of antiaging molecules of Lipmalbex: A new complex

exclusive to Exel is the synergistic combination of the four liposomes:

Resveratrol: A powerful antioxidant only found in the skins of grapes. More potent antioxidant properties than vitamin A, however, it is suitable for the most sensitive skin.

Vitamins C: A powerful antioxidant that helps prevent and improve hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone.

Vitamin E: A nourishing vitamin which deeply replenishes moisture to the skin.

Troxerutin: A special flavonoid extract from the Japanese Pagoda tree, which helps to improve and repair blood vessels and is especially beneficial for those who have sensitive skin, redness or damaged capillaries.

The unique combination of pure ingredients, in a low molecular weight liposome delivery system deeply penetrates the skin, dispersing the actives directly to the target skin cells to which gives brightness, vigour and a rejuvenated skin appearance.

Exel Elixir Sublime Antioxidant Serum