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Electrolysis hair removal is a method to destroy individual hairs for the face and some areas of the body. It is performed with a small filament inserted directly into the hair follicle to produce heat energy and create a chemical reaction which targets the hair directly.

Electrolysis is a lengthy process and in order to attain a permanent result, repeated sessions are required.

Booking the consultation is required if you are new to our clinic.

Removes individual hairs and does not stimulate hair growth
Works on all hair colours
Permanent results are achievable through repeated treatments

Pre Treatment Preparation
Ensure there is at least a 1mm hair length
Avoid strong peels, retinol or invasive skin treatments prior to your session
Stay well hydrated by having at least 2 litres of water daily
Avoid waxing or plucking target hairs.

Aftercare advice
Apply aftercare product as instructed
Use sun protection
Keep the area clean and cool

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