Brow Lamination




Eyebrow lamination is a brow enhancement treatment which lifts, shapes and straightens the brows for a feathery look that creates fuller, thicker looking brows. It helps to keep unruly brows tidy and in place.

•Lifts brows for a feathery look
•Creates thicker and fuller appearance
•Straightens and keeps unruly brows tidy
•Lasts 6 to 8 weeks
•Includes tinting and shaping to create definition and style

Pre Treatment Prep
•Avoid eye makeup
•Wash hair before the treatment as you will need to avoid getting the brows wet afterwards.

Post Treatment Aftercare
•Avoid getting the brows wet for 24 hours
•If brows accidentally have contact with water, dry them immediately and brush back into shape if necessary.
•For best results we recommend using Exel Promoter Lash and Brow Serum to grow and strengthen lashes and brows, while nourishing the skin around the eye contour.