The Art of Eyelash Extensions

The Art of Eyelash Extensions

The Art of Eyelash Extensions

  1. Eyelash extensions are an enhancement for the eyelashes which help to lengthen or thicken the lashes for added drama. It is a great way to go makeup free and have a glam look as you wake up. These extensions, made from natural fibers, are meticulously applied to individual lashes, creating a stunning and long-lasting effect. Let’s delve into the different types of eyelash extension sets, pre-treatment preparation, and essential post-treatment aftercare to ensure your lashes look their best.

Types of Eyelash Extension Sets:

  1. Classic Set Lashes:
  • This style focuses on individual extensions that add length without added volume.
    • Ideal for those seeking a natural look with a subtle enhancement.
  • A blend of classic individual lashes and fan lashes for a wispy appearance with a touch of added volume.
    • Perfect for those who desire a more textured and multidimensional lash look.
  • Utilises fan lashes to add significant volume, thickness, and length.
    • Suited for individuals who crave a bold and dramatic lash appearance.

Who is Suitable for Eyelash Extensions?

While eyelash extensions are a fantastic way to accentuate your eyes, it’s essential to consider certain factors before opting for this beauty treatment. It is advisable to avoid eyelash extensions if you’ve had recent eye surgery.

Pre-Treatment Preparation:

To ensure a seamless and successful eyelash extension application, consider the following pre-treatment tips:

  1. Arrive with clean makeup-free eyes:
  • A clean canvas ensures better adhesion and longevity of the extensions.
  • Avoid wearing contact lenses:
  • This minimises discomfort during the procedure and reduces the risk of irritation.
  • Wash hair before the treatment:
  • As you’ll need to avoid getting the lashes wet post-treatment, washing your hair beforehand can simplify the aftercare process.

Post-Treatment Aftercare:

Caring for your eyelash extensions is crucial for maintaining their beauty and longevity. Follow these post-treatment aftercare guidelines:

  1. Avoid getting the lashes wet for 24 hours:
  • Water exposure during this time can compromise the adhesive bond.
  • Dry lashes immediately if they come into contact with water:
  • In case of accidental water exposure, promptly dry the lashes and brush them back into shape if necessary.
  • Avoid eye makeup for 24 hours:
  • Once the initial 24 hours have passed, feel free to apply eye makeup as desired. Oil based makeup or long wearing eyeliner may weaken the eyelash glue.
  • Consider using a Lash Serum:
  • We recommend Exel Promoter for an oil free serum to enhance the health of your lashes while nourishing the delicate skin around your eyes.
  • Book infill appointments every 2 to 3 weeks:
  • To maintain the flawless look of your eyelash extensions, regular infill appointments are recommended.


Eyelash extensions provide a stunning and low-maintenance solution for those looking to elevate their natural beauty. By understanding the different types of sets, preparing adequately before the treatment, and adhering to proper aftercare practices, you can enjoy beautiful, long-lasting lashes that enhance your overall appearance.

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