Electrolysis Hair Removal Sydney: The Benefits

There are occasions when your unwanted and stubborn hair needs to be permanently removed. Depending on your gender, hair on certain parts of the body is not really necessary and can often lead to uncomfortable and embarrassing situations. Using certain depilatories like razors and shaving machines may ultimately embolden that unwanted hair. Such depilatories are nothing but temporary measures, which encourages one to find a permanent effective solution.

Over the years, several methods have been used in order to eliminate unwanted body hair. Out of all of these different methods, one of the most popular and effective ones is the electrolysis hair removal solution. In layman’s words, this hair removal method is a process in which the hair follicles are targeted via electrical current, thereby leading to dead hair. The device that is used to transfer the current to the hair follicles are small metal probes or fine, needle-shaped electrodes. Electrolysis hair removal treatments can serve as great beauty gift vouchers.


Electrolysis hair removal benefits

Let’s take a look at a few factors that make electrolysis hair removal in Campbelltown one of the most widely used permanent hair removal solutions:

  • Electrolysis hair removal in Liverpool is a more natural solution that any other permanent hair removal method, since it takes smart advantage of the chemical component of hair follicle cells
  • Electrolysis is far less complicated than other methods.
  • Electrolysis hair removal is less repetitive than depilatories.
  • Electrolysis is cheaper than other permanent hair removal methods.

That’s not all! Electrolysis has many more advantages. It’s primary benefit is that it allows you to eliminate undesired hair once and for all. In addition, it allows your skin to retain its natural form and beauty. Furthermore, it allows you to save tons of dollars in the long run, not to mention the time saved from having to shave or wax. Our beauty salon in Parramatta has the facilities you need to get the best possible results.

Product Description

The number of sessions of electrolysis depends on several factors including the condition of the hair, hormonal dysfunction or medical conditions. From our experience, to see results it may take more than 10 sessions, and treatments may need to go on for several months.
Electrolysis hair removal in Fairfield is suitable for the face and body and is also effective on grey and light coloured hair.

Electrolysis is effective during the growth phase of the hair, therefore it is recommended to avoid any waxing or tweezing in the area treated. Cutting or shaving the hair is recommended instead.

Pre-treatment Advice

While undergoing electrolysis hair removal treatment, all waxing, tweezing and threading must be avoided in the area. The hair should be trimmed or shaved in between sessions. Before your electrolysis hair removal treatment, it is important for the hair to have at least 3 to 4 days growth, for the hair to be effectively removed.

To reduce the pain during electrolysis hair removal in Parramatta, EMLA numbing cream can be applied to the area before the treatment. EMLA numbing cream is available at pharmacies. Read the instruction provided with the cream carefully before use.

After care for Electrolysis Hair Removal

Apply soothing cream or Aloe Vera gel to calm the skin if you are experiencing any redness.

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