Why Do I need to do an Express Facial?

With life’s demands, so many of us are becoming more and more time poor. We tend to be juggling so many balls at once and most days it can feel like a race against time. That’s why many of us are always looking for effective yet time saving ways so we can tick off our to-do list as well as make time for a much needed facial.

Why an Express Facial?

The Express Facial allows you to enjoy the benefits of a regular facial while you relax and unwind without feeling rushed or worried about missing your next appointment or rushing back to work from your lunch break, all while giving your skin a much needed pick-me up.

Your Beauty Therapist will take a look at your skin and select skincare products from our Exel range that are suitable for your skin type and tailored to your skin needs then begin your treatment to achieve maximum results in minimal time. 

Why Do I need to do an Express Facial, I look after my skin at home?

Think of it like this, we all brush and floss our teeth each day but a trip to the dentist is necessary to ensure our teeth are properly cleaned and maintained to reduce the risks of getting cavities or gum disease.  The same goes for our skin. Yes, we wash our face and do our AM/PM skincare routine at home to maintain our skin but regular facials will provide many benefits that will give your skin special attention to deeply clean and remove any pore clogging impurities and cater to any skin conditions while making noticeable improvements to your skin texture and appearance. The best part is you get to sit back and relax while someone does it for you.

The Express Facial will involve a few key elements to ensure you leave with your skin feeling soft, supple and nourished.  This will include a deep cleanse to remove any damaging impurities which cause dullness, congestion and ageing.

It will purify your skin, refine pores and will leave your skin feeling refreshed, well balanced and restored. Followed by gentle exfoliation, a crucial step to remove dead skin cells that clog pores and resurface fresh new skin cells for a smoother complexion this will allow for any skincare products that follow to penetrate more deeply into the skin making them more effective so you can achieve maximum results.

The best part of an express facial is you will dive into heaven while the products are being massaged into your skin.  This will promote oxygen and blood flow in your skin and reduce puffiness. Light facial massage will also promote collagen and elastin production resulting in your skin having a brighter and more youthful appearance and feeling instantly brighter and refreshed.

It is important to note that your skincare routine may need to be adjusted through the cooler months when your skin may become more dehydrated due to environmental factors therefore consistency is key when looking after your skin and an Express Facial will ensure your skin is maintained for younger and healthy looking skin all year round.

For optimum results, a Facial is recommended every 4-6 weeks this will ensure your skin is getting all the nutrients and hydration you need while targeting signs of aging and learning how to best care for your skin at home between visits to your clinic.