Exel BodyLab Soothe and Energise Tired Legs and Feet

Do you suffer from tired, aching or swollen legs and feet? Do you have poor blood circulation, cramps, spider veins or varicose veins?

Our legs and feet support our whole body every day. With our modern lifestyles, whether it is sedentary, having continued hours of standing as well as stress or lack of exercise, our legs can suffer from insufficient blood circulation, water retention, swelling, fatigue and pain. For the relief of these symptoms Exclusively Beauty has introduced the Tired Legs and Feet Treatment.

Many factors can affect our legs and can cause the accumulation of tension, leading to pain and discomfort. These may include:

Lifestyle factors: The modern daily lifestyle, including working conditions can lead to lower-body soreness. These factors can include having to stand for long hours or sitting for extended periods of time, causing stiffness and a lack of blood circulation. Lack of exercise can also affect the circulation in the legs.

Clothing: Sometimes clothing and footwear can be either too tight, uncomfortable or minimises the functionality of our return circulation. These include:

  • Trousers or skirts that may be too tight around the waist, hips and legs.
  • High heeled shoes which cause tension in the ankles and feet while making the return circulation not function correctly.
  • Socks that have a tight elastic or cut off the circulation in the lower leg

Weight Management:  Obesity and being overweight may increase the risk of developing painful leg conditions. This can be caused by blockages in the lymph nodes resulting in swollen legs and feet.

Pregnancy: Swelling and pain in the lower body can often occur during pregnancy due to the possible increase in water retention.  In addition, pregnancy can put extra pressure on the pelvic veins, which slows the return of blood from the legs towards the heart causing it to pool and swell.

Are these symptoms causing you discomfort or affecting your lifestyle?

When our legs and feet build up pressure and fatigue during the day, the resulting aches and pains can get in the way of our lifestyle. It can prevent us from having enough exercise and physical activity to keep us healthy.

Do you have trouble relaxing and winding down at the end of the day? When going to an event or an evening out, do you often dread the thought of wearing high heels, especially after a day at work?

Improving circulation through regular massage is beneficial to the decompression of the lower legs, giving you relief and returning a spring to your step.

Relieving pain and tension is possible with this specialised treatment, which will help your legs recover and feel more comfortable.

Using the newest exclusive formulas from Exel Body Lab, this state-of-the-art program relieves and relaxes discomfort in the feet, ankles, calves and thighs using powerful active ingredients to strengthen blood vessels, improve circulatory function, while reducing water retention and swelling.

Exel Active Lotion which has an intense cooling sensation is sprayed onto the lower legs to deliver antioxidants and normalise the blood vessels’ permeability with all natural components including Troxerutin, horse chestnut, ginko biloba, witch hazel and camphor. Lymphatic Drainage massage is performed with the lotion to stimulate blood circulation as well as the lymphatic system, the secondary system of circulation in the body. This stimulates and directs blood towards the heart, as return circulation often needs assistance to work correctly, resulting in clearing toxins from the body and promoting healing. Reflexology Foot massage techniques are used to soothe sore feet, which is proven to relieve stress, increase energy levels while improving blood circulation, immunity and nerve function. Reflexology benefits not only the body, but the mind and general wellbeing.

After treatment, it is always recommended to maintain the result by applying Exel Relaxing Gel Cream For Tired Legs and Feet. With a pleasant texture, this Gel Cream delivers the same powerful ingredients (troxerutin, horse chestnut, ginko biloba, witch hazel and camphor) used in treatments for daily relief at home, while also moisturising and softening the skin.  It alleviates heaviness in the legs while offering a cooling sensation and an immediate feeling of relaxation. It is ideal for soothing tension caused by aching muscles. With continued use the gel cream also diminishes the unattractive appearance of varicose veins, spider veins and minimises swelling.

With the Tired Legs and Feet Treatment, tension will be melted away and you will be left feeling lighter on your feet.

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