LED Light Therapy with Express Facial


LED Light Therapy is the new breakthrough in non-invasive and non-thermal skin rejuvenation, which can benefit all skin types with zero downtime and therapeutic healing results. Feed your skin cells with rejuvenating light energy and see beautiful skin clarity and radiance.

LED uses light emitting diodes which emit different coloured therapeutic lights, with specific wavelengths which stimulate skin healing for a range of skin conditions. The light penetrates epidermally, reaching the specific depth required to treat pigmentation, sensitivity, diffused redness, acne, dermal thickening, stimulating collagen and elastin cellular renewal.

The skin is prepared for absorbing the Light Therapy with an Express Facial to steam and open the pores, followed by thorough exfoliation to improve cellular turnover and allow full exposure to the light’s benefits.

The wavelength is chosen depending on your concerns and skin condition and can include a combination of the following phototherapies:

  • Red light: Promotes cellular healing and proliferation. Accelerates blood circulation and cell turnover. Improves skin’s ability to create healthy new cells and can be used prior to skin needling.
  • Blue Light: Neutralises acne bacteria and balances sebaceous gland activity to treat and improve acne skin conditions, while also balancing oily skin types. Minimises inflammation
  • Green Light: Soothes and strengthens sensitive skin, calms diffused redness. Soothes heat retention.
  • Yellow Light: Treats pigmentation to improve skin clarity, while benefiting vascular skin types by minimising flushing and redness.


Enjoy therapeutic light with a hydrating and refreshing mask selected just for your skin and feel the benefits of phototherapy rejuvenation.

Normal Price $120


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