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Anti-Ageing Rescue Treatment


During menopause many women will notice changes in their body. The skin can become dry, thin and may also result in a loss of firmness. The main reasons behind these changes in the skin are loss of oestrogen during menopause, long-term exposure to the sun and free radical damage.

The skin can suffer an increased loss of collagen and elastin, fine lines and wrinkles can begin to form and many women experience Hot Flashes, leaving the skin dehydrated and uncomfortable.

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Product Description

The Anti-Ageing Rescue Treatment is designed to achieve the best results to improve your skin during pre-menopause and during the stages of menopause. An anti-oxidant rich skin system aimed at retaining water in your skin is used with a specialty firming mask to promote skin repair and boost collagen and elastin formation to give you the ultimate firming and hydrating results.

The Anti-Ageing Rescue facial is a personalised complete menopause skincare treatment. A Vitamin E rich cleanser is used to gently remove impurities and boost repair without drying your skin, followed by a collagen and witch hazel lotion spray to cool and calm the skin. An infusion of Hyaluronic Acid and vitamin C delivers Hydration and anti-oxidants to the deepest layers of the skin, helping dry skin to withhold much needed water. All followed by a plant based face and neck lifting mask.

Don’t give menopause a chance to affect your skin’s health, visit Exclusively Beauty and we can give you skincare advice during these changes.