Jbronze Spray Tan by Jennifer Hawkins


Jbronze is proudly Australian made and owned.

Jbronze nor the ingredients used in Jbronze have been tested on Animals.

Jbronze is 100% Paraben free.

Jbronze does not contain Palm Oil.

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Product Description

As Jbronze simply colours the top layer of your skin, it does not offer any SUN/UV protection. Ensure you wear sunscreen when sporting a Jbronze tan to avoid any sun damage.

The actives in Jbronze react with the amino acids on the top layer of your skin, depending on the composition and condition of your skin, colour results may vary.

The tanning actives and tan extenders in Jbronze are naturally derived.  For a deeper tan result, leave to develop overnight or for up to 8 hours.

The range is safe to use if you are pregnant, the colouration occurs on surface of skin and does not penetrate into bloodstream. Ensure you use products as directed on pack. The use of any product during pregnancy is a personal decision and we would recommend you consult your health care professional if you have any concerns.

All Jbronze products are vegan friendly.