Winter Package – Hydrodermabrasion & Relaxation Massage

$240.00 $190.00

Winter Package – Hydrodermabrasion & 1-hour Relaxation Massage

Treat yourself to an indulgent winter treatment for the face and body or give someone the gift of a relaxing package.

The Winter Package consists of a Hydrodermabrasion to refresh the skin, remove dead skin cells and hydrate the skin to prepare for the cooler season and a full body Relaxation Massage.

Hydrodermabrasion uses the power of water to vacuum dead skin build up and excess oils clogging pores, while deeply infusing hydration.

The gentle vacuum improves blood and lymphatic circulation to improve the absorption of nutrients for improved skin health while improving cellular turnover for younger looking skin.

No discomfort or downtime!

Hydrodermabrasion is also perfect for clearing acne, blackheads and comedones. Gentle enough for sensitive skin types.


Regular Price: $240

Now: $199

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