Sensitive Skin Program- for skin redness and sensitivity

$520.00 $390.00

Sensitive Skin Program

Are you looking for a solution for skin redness and sensitivity?

The Sensitive Skin Program is designed to soothe the skin while healing and repairing the vascular appearance.


This Program includes:

One session Anti-Wrinkle Oxygen Infusion

The Oxygen infusion uses pressurised therapeutic oxygen to deeply infuse a low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid Serum into the deepest layers of the skin. This naturally hydrating ingredient lifts and plumps the skin for a smoother, glowing complexion. Suitable for all skin types this treatments improves hydration, minimises redness and pore size while plumping the skin to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Exel Homecare Program:

Cleansing Lotion 110ml

A gentle cleanser which clears the skin of impurities while delivering rich moisture with antioxidant Vitamin E. Ideal for sensitive skin.

Herbal Lotion 160ml

Hydrating toner with aloe vera, chamomile and mallow extracts for calming and reducing inflammation.

Elixir Serum 30ml

Repairing serum formulated with Resveratrol, the grape extract with higher antioxidant properties than vitamin A. Contains Troxerutin for capillary and vascular repair to actively minimise the appearance of redness.

XL Urban Face Protection 50ml

Protect the skin from the elements with XL Urban Face Protection. Specifically formulated with a non-oily hydrating formula, which is suitable for all skin types. Provides a light coverage to neutralise uneven skin tones.

Normal Price: $520

Special Price $390

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