Oxygenating Skincare Line – 4 Steps to Skin Oxygenation


When treating dehydrated and devitalised skin, skin oxygenation provides key benefits in cellular repair, while delivering hydration and nutrients to the deepest layers of the skin.

Here are the steps you can take to hydrate and repair your skin at home:
Cleansing Lotion with Vitamin E 250ml
A vitamin E rich formula, which gently cleanses the skin of impurities while delivering antioxidant benefits and hydration. Leaves the skin feeling clean and soft, without stripping your natural barrier.
Use day and night to cleanse the skin.
Collagen Toning Lotion:
A luxurious toning lotion which not only balances ph, but also delivers hydration and soothes the skin. Idea for mature skin and for minimising sensitivity.

Contains: Collagen and elastin amino acids for improving skin strength and elasticity.
Use day and night after cleansing to prepare the skin.


The New Breakthrough in Advanced Skincare

Oxygenating complex powered by Extracts of Live Yeast Cell, Trace Elements, Proteins and Vitamins with up to 300% proven moisturisation

EXEL L’Oxygéniste is the multi-benefit serum that gives your skin a new opportunity to be at its best.

Live yeast cells are cultivated under specific controlled conditions to optimise the benefits by releasing an extract rich in antioxidant enzymes, vitamins and trace elements. Live Yeast Cells contain Superoxide Dismutase (SD) which increases cellular activity by facilitating the use of oxygen and nutrient absorption, effectively improving the breathing and energy processes of the skin.

SD is an enzyme found in our body that is present in internal and external cell membranes. It is the key active in the production of Fibroblasts, the skin cells that produce collagen. As SD levels decrease with age, Live Yeast Cell Extract replenishes SD levels in the skin.

Use 2 to 4 drops day and night on the whole face and eye area.

Facial Revitalising Cream

Highly moisturising and soothing cream which protects and repairs the skin’s natural lipid barrier. Vitamin E provides nourishing antioxidants and replenishes moisture while collagen and elastin amino acids improve skin strength and elasticity.

Apply day and night after the serum.

The Oxygenating Skincare Line boosts cellular repair, deeply hydrates, calms and balances the skin for an everyday youthful glow.

Normal Price: $275

Special Price: $235



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