Lactic Peel Facial Series

$1,000.00 $799.00

Are you concerned about uneven skin tone or hyperpigmentation?

Would you like to completely refresh and renew your skin, revealing a smoother, youthful glow?

Now is your chance to have a series of Lactic Peel Facials.


The Lactic Peel is a skin renewal treatment which gently detaches dry dead skin cells from healthy new skin and promotes the desquamation process. With aging, our natural process of renewing skin cells significantly slows down. Skin repair does not occur as quickly and this slowdown of the process leaves the skin dull, dry and can accentuate the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

By helping the skin speed up this process with the lactic peel, using a blend of controlled Alpha Hydroxy Acids in a gel-like matrix, the treatment induces even and safe peeling of the skin, which is suitable even for those with skin sensitivity and deeper skin tones.

The treatments can improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation, by removing old pigmented cells and promoting the production of healthy new cells to induce a more even skin tone.

Lactic Peel Facials are also beneficial to refresh the skin, during the cooler seasons to give your skin a smooth finish and youthful glow.

10 Sessions Lactic Peel

Regular Price $1000

Now $799


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