Hand Rejuvenation Treatment

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The Hand Rejuvenation Treatment is the ultimate brightening skin treatment for the hands.

Our hands often tell our age and while we take care of your face to improve its appearance, our hands are often neglected.

This clarifying treatment includes:

The Lactic Peel: A gentle peeling treatment with no downtime, based on gentle milk acids and a complex of AHA’s. Gently detaches dead skin cells and promotes skin renewal, leaving the hands soft, youthful and with a more even skin tone.

Coconut Sugar Scrub: A deeply nourishing exfoliation using a fragrant coconut and vanilla sugar scrub. Leaves the hands silky smooth and moisturised.

Massage: Relieve tension and relax tired hands with a gentle massage.

IPL skin rejuvenation: Delivers evening of the skin tone and a clearer complexion using the latest IPL technology for youthful looking hands.


Regular Price: $120

Now: $99

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Product Description

Are you concerned about the aging appearance of your hands?

Do you notice uneven skin tone and sunspots?