Body Contouring Combo – Look your best this Summer

$800.00 $560.00

3 sessions Fat Freezing 2 Handles
3 Sessions wraps
Exel Cellulite Biogel 250ml 

Are you concerned about stubborn fat deposits?

Fat Freezing is an innovative fat reduction treatment which targets fat cells by cooling the target tissue to its freezing point, resulting in the elimination of fat cells and reduction of  stubborn fatty areas for a smoother, leaner figure. Combined with Body Firming Wraps.

The cooling wraps are formulated with the powerful antioxidant herbal extract of Centella Asiatica to stimulate collagen production for  improving firmness, circulation and cellulite appearance.

The package is combined with the Exel Cellulite Appearance Treatment Biogel, the highly potent
aftercare cellulite gel with vitamin microspheres and liposomes for deeper delivery of ingredients to keep your skin firm, while stimulating localised adipocytes for a smoother appearance.

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