5 Step Facial Firming Line With Signature Facial

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As the skin ages, the skin becomes less tight, elasticity is reduced and collagen fibres are weakened and become thin. This leads to the loss of firmness and a sagging appearance to the skin.


In order to improve skin firmness and tighten the skin, the skin’s ability to synthesize collagen needs to be stimulated.

Exel Facial Firming Force line is proven to restructure the extracellular matrix of the dermal layer, resulting in improved elasticity and firmness using the power of PROMILK-F® Milk Peptide Complex, and Q10 Nanomes®. These exclusive ingredients help induce the production of macromolecules including collagen, hyaluronic acid and fibronectin, resulting in the reduction of wrinkle depth and redefined, firmer facial contours.

Facial Firming Force is formulated with R-COMPLEX®, the exclusive ingredient combining the benefits of Retinol for skin renewal, Vitamin C for preventing hyperpigmentation and Vitamin E for nourishing and deeply moisturising the skin.

This skincare pack includes:

Exel Cleansing Lotion 100ml: Nourishing Vitamin E rich cleanser which leaves the skin clean and thoroughly moisturised.

Exel Herbal Lotion 160ml: Herbal toning lotion formulated with aloe vera extract for hydration, chamomile and mallow for calming. Improved skin hydration and opens skin channels for serums and creams to penetrate the skin’s deepest layers.

Exel Facial Scrub 50ml: Exfoliating cream which uses crushed apricot kernels to deeply exfoliate the skin without causing redness or irritation. Contains Ginkgo biloba extract to calm the skin after exfoliation and Centella Asiatica extract for stimulating healthy new cells.

Facial Firming Force Concentrate: Highly concentrated serum containing skin firming peptides and Nanomes to activate collagen synthesis and deliver ingredients to the dermal layer to firm the skin at the dermal level.

Facial Firming Force Cream: Moisturising cream containing antioxidant properties of R-COMPLEX® to improve cellular health, and a combination of Milk peptides and Nanomes to stimulate collagen growth.

Special offer including a free Signature Facial to deeply clean and refresh the skin.

Start seeing results with firmer, tighter looking skin with Exel Facial Firming Force line.


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