Lactic Peel 10 Week Program With Clarifying Product Range


Do you want to improve skin tone, pigmentation and signs of aging?
The Lactic Peel 10 Week Program is a brightening treatment series aimed at improving skin clarity, texture and antiaging. It includes 5 sessions of Lactic Peel Facials and the Clarifying line of Products including the Clarifying Cream, Clarifying Mask and Clarifying Photoprotection Screen with SPF60. The Lactic Peel is applied once every 2 weeks for optimal results with a consistent peeling effect, no downtime, side effects or irritation.

Brightening treatments are best applied over the Autumn and Winter Season as the weather allows for active treatments without the need to worry about excessive sun exposure while undergoing treatment.

The Lactic Peel induces an even and safely controlled micro exfoliation of the skin using AHAs derived from milk acid.

The treatment formula contains a blend of neutralised alpha hydroxyacids: lactic, glycolic, mandelic, citric and BHA salicylic acid for the best brightening and clearing effect. The treatment is unique in that it is in a gel matrix, rather than a liquid formula, which gradually releases the actives to the skin, has an even application and deposits a controlled concentration with less risk of side effects, over stimulation and uneven peeling. The micro exfoliation stimulates renewal of the epidermis and helps to diminish fine lines, hyper pigmentation, open pores, texture and wrinkles, leaving the skin rejuvenated, clear and glowing.

This treatment is recommended for all skin types.

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Product Description