How to Take Care of Oily Skin – Enjoy clearer, softer skin.


Oily skin can be challenging to manage. This skin type can be prone to blocked pores, rough texture and shine.

Here is our guide on how to take care of oily skin.

Oily skin types need a few key steps for maintaining a healthy condition. These steps can improve texture, softness and sebaceous balance.

Blocked pores and blackheads can often occur in oily skin types. Blockages in pores are formed by the buildup of oils produced by sebaceous glands and when exposed to oxygen on the surface of the skin, they oxydise and turn into blackheads. When the pores are blocked and filled with oils, they can be softened by cleansing the skin on a regular basis. We recommend the Exel Sebum Clean cleanser, which helps to break down oils and greatly improves skin texture caused by blocked pores without stripping the skin’s barrier. Blackheads on the other hand, can be removed during a facial by extracting them using professional tools.  Try the Intensive Facial for a classic style facial with extractions.

Rough Texture
Oily skin can often be prone to rough texture, this can be due to blackheads, but also occur because of dead skin build-up. Exfoliating the skin twice a week can help by removing old cells to reveal fresh, smoother skin from within. Exel Facial Scrub cream is a gentle facial exfoliant that effectively removes dead skin cells for an improved, polished texture with tiny apricot kernel particles, combined with extract of Centella Asiatica and Ginkgo Biloba for a soothing and antioxidant effect.

Surface sebum can often give oily skin types shine throughout the day. Prevent shine with Exel Astringent Toning Lotion by applying to areas affected by shine. The rosemary, sage and witch hazel extracts help to control and balance sebum while making the skin softer and prepared to absorb moisturiser.

Oil Control
Balancing oils throughout the day can be challenging for oily skin types. Using creams that aren’t formulated for oily skin can add to shine, whereas avoiding moisturiser altogether can lead to rough texture and dehydration, which is a lack of water in the skin. Exel Sebum Control is a daily moisturiser specifically formulated for oily skin and helps to balance oil production while leaving a comfortable matte finish. It contains extracts of Milk Thistle, which balance the oils in the skin and vitamin A for helping with the skin renewal process to leave the skin smoother and clear.

Make treating oily skin simple with Exel Oily Skin Range and enjoy clearer skin.

For best results, your skin can also benefit from a regular deep cleansing facial, like our Intensive Facial. This treatment includes a thorough exfoliation with extraction of blackheads, to remove any blockages, finished with a hydrating mask to leave your skin smooth, clear and refreshed.

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