Hydrating Skincare Pack Includes the Cleansing Lotion, Toning Lotion, L’Oxygeniste serum and Hydrodestressant Gel Cream, with free scrub cream. Enjoy smoother, softer skin today.


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Product Description

Does your skin feel in need of a replenishing treatment and some TLC?

Here are our latest tips to get the best out of your at home skincare routine.

Start your routine with
Double Cleansing
Proper cleansing is the most important step in preparing your skin for your routine. The first cleanse removes surface oils, makeup and debris, however, to clean your pores, always wash your face a second time after rinsing.Use a circular motion to concentrate on problem areas that tend to get blocked, like the nose and chin.

Feel the difference in texture from double cleansing.

For the cooler season, we recommend Exel Cleansing Lotion to prevent dehydration.

Thoroughly ExfoliateTwice a Week
When you’re unable to have a facial treatment, the next best thing is to do a deep exfoliation at home.
First, moisten the skin, then exfoliate with a small amount of Exel Scrub Cream. The tiny apricot kernel particles gently, but effectively polish off dead skin cells for a smooth finish. Contains centella asiatica herbal extract for antioxidant skin repair.
Prepare your Skin with a
Toning Lotion
Toning Lotions are an essential step in preparing your skin to absorb your serum and moisturiser. They replenish hydration and improve skin elasticity.

Try Exel Herbal Lotion for a natural Aloe Vera based toning lotion which feels soothing due to herbal extracts of chamomile and mallow.

Replenish Nutrients with a
In need of a hydration boost?
Give your skin deep hydration and cellular repairing vitamins with a serum. Serums are a light weight concentrate that gives your skin vitamins for cellular repair.Exel L’Oxygeniste is like an oxygen treatment in a bottle. Feel improved moisture and a supple texture by applying 2 drops before any moisturiser.
Protect the eye contour with an
Eye Cream
The skin of the eye contour is more delicate and needs gentle care. Using a specialised eye gel provides hydration and moisture, but also vitamins for cell repair.

Exel Eye Contour Gel has a blend of Vitamin A and E liposomes in an Aloe Vera based formula, for a natural eye gel for all skin types. Treats and prevents fine lines, dark circles and puffiness.

Lock in moisture withMoisturising Cream
After applying a serum and eye cream, your skin is ready for a moisturising cream to seal in all the nutrients. Creams are an important part of the routine as it helps to keep the moisture in your skin throughout the day.

Exel Hydrodestressant Gel Cream is a breathable formula based on live yeast cells which help to balance skin flora, provide deep hydration and moisture while also preventing the signs of aging, fine lines and hyperpigmentation.