Hydration Package with free cosmetic bag

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Are you looking for a solution for skin dehydration? Do you start to feel your skin gets dehydrated throughout the day no matter how much moisturiser you put on?

The Exel Hydration Package is a basic dry skin routing to get your skin on the road to recovery. The package is designed to retain your natural protection, while improving your skin’s absorption and elasticity, finishing with a hydrating moisturiser to lock in water content.

Each package comes with detailed instructions on how to use your products effectively to get the best results.

This package contains:

Step 1: Cleansing Lotion.

Start your routine with a nourishing cleanser that makes your skin feel soft and moisturised. Packed with Vitamin E, the Cleansing Lotion not only effectively removes impurities and makeup, but also prepares your skin to absorb all the nutrients from the toner and moisturiser.

Step 2: Herbal Lotion.

The Herbal Lotion is a toning lotion unlike any other. When the skin is dry, often creams have difficulty absorbing, resulting in a film of cream sitting on the surface and evaporating halfway through the day. Here is where Exel Herbal Lotion comes in.

Made from Aloe Vera Gel, the Herbal Lotion opens the skin’s channels to properly absorb creams and serums, flooding the skin with herbal hydration resulting in restored softness and elasticity. Also contains chamomile and mallow extract to calm irritated, dry skin and balance pH levels.

Step 3: Revitalising Eye Cream.

Nourish, moisturise and hydrate the delicate eye area with the Revitalising Eye Cream. Packed with antioxidant herbal extracts of chamomile, mallow and ginkgo biloba to protect the cells and promote a calming effect. Moisturises and strengthens the skin with vitamin E. Effective for reducing the appearance of dehydration, fine lines and puffiness.

Step 4: Moisturising Cream.

Dehydrated skin needs to be nourished from within and protected from the surface to prevent water loss throughout the day. Exel Moisturising Cream is rich in Vitamin E to repair hydration levels and help to drench the skin with moisture. The easily absorbed formula works inside the skin with aloe vera and ginkgo biloba for a soothing effect, while protecting the outer layers of skin by sealing in hydration.

Start your journey to softer, smoother skin with the Exel Hydration Package.

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