Microdermabrasion – 60 Minutes


Diamond Microdermabrasion

Resurface your skin with Diamond Microdermabrasion. This treatment combines exfoliation with suction.

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Product Description


Improve your skin’s health and appearance with Diamond Microdermabrasion

Diamond Microdermabrasion is one of the most effective skincare treatments for a safe, deep exfoliation, delivering instant visible results. It improves skin texture, refines pores and reduces the appearance of pigmentation. The exfoliating action removes dead skin cells, speeds up cell turnover, while the gentle vacuum stimulates blood and lymph circulation, which allows the delivery of nutrients to the deepest layers of the skin. Microdermabrasion helps to refine pores and improve conditions including acne scars, uneven pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, while instantly leaving your skin clearer, fresh, deeply clean and glowing.

 Diamond Microdermabrasion

Normal Price $100