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Men’s Signature Facial


Skin sensitivity, ingrown hair and improved skin texture are all concerns that are relevant in men’s skincare. To soothe and clear the skin and bring back a healthy appearance, Exclusively Beauty has designed the Men’s Signature Facial to address these skin conditions.

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Product Description

When it comes to men’s skincare it is important to also consider the concerns that occur due to shaving including ingrown hair, skin sensitivity and irritation, to build a treatment plan which delivers visible results.
This treatment aims to soften, hydrate and calm irritated skin while preventing and treating ingrown hair, by improving the skin texture, thorough exfoliation and if required, extractions. The skin is infused with a hydrating serum to improve moisture levels and elasticity, while balancing red, chaffed skin. Men’s Signature Facial is completed with a Neutralising Mask, to normalise the skin’s pH, minimises irritation or sensitivity, leaving your skin soft and balanced.
External factors such as work environment, air conditioning or the weather, as well as internal factors such as lifestyle or water consumption all contribute to the skin condition. This is why it is important to pinpoint which treatment and products will deliver the best results and counter act these effects. The most accurate way to diagnose these conditions is with our Professional Skin Analysis, which accurately examines your skin from the surface to the deepest layers, utilising the newest technology to give you an in depth report on your skin and the best path to improve its condition.

Men’s Signature Facial
75 minutes