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Facial Lymphatic Drainage With Deep Cleansing


Is your skin looking tired and dull? Looking for a way to reduce swelling, puffy eyes, dark circles or post-surgery inflammation?

Lymphatic Facial Massage is a gentle massage technique which improves the lymphatic flow to clear the lymphatic system, lymph nodes, drain fluid and assist in minimising irritation.

Lymphatic system is a circulatory system which has a key role in our immunity. This system carries lymph throughout the body and assists in the elimination of waste products. When the lymphatic system becomes blocked, the flow of lymph is minimised leading to swelling, fluid retention.

Facial Lymphatic Drainage has many benefits for the face and is a deeply relaxing treatment, which can aid in restful sleep.

Whether you need to clear the skin or bruising post-surgery, or suffer from acne, rosacea, eczema or blocked sinuses, Lymphatic Facial Massage offers a solution to relieve many conditions.

Lymphatic drainage is particularly helpful after botox, fillers and other procedures as the technique helps to eliminate swelling, reduces bruising and clears the skin.

The treatment includes Express Facial

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