IPL Acne Treatment For the Treatment of Acne



Do you suffer from Acne?

Have you tried everything with no result?

The Acne IPL Facial with a Lactic Peel and Microdermabrasion is the advanced use of Intense Pulsed Light to target Sebum Production and Acne causing Bacteria at its source. The Lactic Peel releases dead skin cell build up, improving skin renewal while the Microdermabrasion clears and deeply exfoliates the skin.

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Product Description


Acne is a condition that affects many people, often onset in adolescence, it can however continue into the twenties and onward. Acne can be itchy, painful and inflamed. Over time, this can lead to scarring in the area affected.

Intense Pulsed Light provides a non-invasive solution for clearing acne, whether the skin is mildly or severely affected. Active pustules and inflammation are treated with light-based therapy, which use specific wavelengths to target the acne causing bacteria in the skin, as well as inflamed sebaceous glands that excessively produce sebum. IPL also benefits the appearance of facial scarring, as it also can target uneven pigmentation. To improve the raised texture and deep indentations of scars the treatment is combined with microdermabrasion, which provides a deep exfoliation to stimulate collagen production to even the skin surface.


Normal Price: $180

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