Customised Facial – Tailored Facial specific to your skin’s needs



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Product Description

What is the Customised Facial?
The Customised Facial is a tailored classic facial treatment designed for maintaining the skin and leaving you with a fresh glow. Whether you are in need of extraction, hydration, balancing the skin’s oils or even a relaxing facial massage to destress and reduce puffiness, your skin will be assessed to give you the best facial using classic techniques to leave you feeling fresh. After the treatment, we also can recommend a home care routine for long term results.Benefits
Assess your skin’s needs
Customised to benefit your skin
Refreshes the skin for maintenance
Select the best products to create a home treatment plan
Deep cleansing
Relax and destress
Reduces puffiness

Who can benefit from the Customised Facial?
Anyone can benefit from the customised Facial as it is tailored to what your skin needs for maintenance, hydration and glow.
If you have any specific concerns, such as pigmentation, acne, aging or other things you would like to improve, speak to your skin therapist and your skin can be assessed during the treatment to give you a customised treatment plan, so you can know which other treatments can work for you.

How often can I have the treatment?
As the Customised Facial is the perfect facial for skin maintenance, the treatment is ideal to have every 1 or 2 months. You can also use it to alternate between any deeper treatments you have, whether it be for antiaging, pigmentation or needling.