Anti-Pollution Treatment


Looking for a treatment to deep cleanse, soothe and hydrate the skin?

The Anti-Pollution treatment is specially designed to remove impurities from the skin, refine skin texture and restore hydration to skin experiencing dehydration, sensitivity or dullness.

The treatment is comprised of 3 stages:

Deep cleansing: The skin is treated with a specialised deep cleansing process suitable for even the most sensitive skin types, which removes dead skin cells, removes impurities and removes blackheads.

Oxygen Infusion: A hyaluronic acid serum is infused into the skin using purified therapeutic oxygen, which reduces inflammation while cooling the skin and restoring hydration.

Refreshing Linden Extract Mask: The treatment is completed with a cooling and hydrating mask with Linden Extract a highly antioxidant herbal extract which boosts skin repair and leaves the skin feeling highly refreshed.

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