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Anti Stress Facial with Hot Stone Therapy


Anti-Stress Hot Stone Therapy Facial


Spoil Mum with the Ultimate Relaxing Anti-aging Facial

Say thank you with the perfect gift of some much needed time out and have her drift away to the soothing warmth of Hot Stone Therapy.

Ease tension in the shoulders, temples, neck and jaw while the skin is uplifted leaving your Mum with a Revitalised Glow!





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Product Description

The Hot Stones provide the amazing skin benefits of firming and toning the skin, resulting in deep hydration by stimulating blood flow to deliver nutrients to the deeper layers of the skin. The heated stones have a balancing and healing effect, draining excess fluid from the skin and diminishing puffiness in the eye area, which will leave a fresher, smoother complexion. Facial muscles will also be deeply soothed, which is perfect for relieving sinus pressure and any tension in the jaws, eyes or temples.

The Anti-Stress Facial with Hot Stone Therapy is designed to provide you with the ultimate blissful relaxation experience and you will be left with a feeling of balance and harmony.

Not sure if this is the right facial treatment for you? We can adjust the treatment for any individual needs to make you happy and perfectly relaxed.

Anti-Stress Facial 

90 minutes