All in One – The Ultimate Facial Pampering


Do you want the Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial Pampering?

The new All in One Facial Treatment is here!

This new and improved treatment is suitable to all skin types and better than ever with a customisable treatment depending on your skin type and individual concerns.

All in One is suitable for:

  • Improving the signs of aging
  • Firming and lifting the skin
  • Deeply infusing hydration
  • Minimising the appearance of hyper-pigmentation
  • Smoothing out rough texture
  • Clearing congestion and blackheads
  • Soothing redness and sensitivity
  • Stimulating skin renewal and maximising healing

This combination treatment is adjusted to your needs and performed using the latest technologies in skincare.

Deep cleansing: The skin is deeply cleansed depending on the skin’s requirements.

The Hydrodermabrasion is an upgrade to the microdermabrasion using the power of water to remove dead skin build-up, blocked pores and rough texture, resulting in a super smooth finish.

Lactic Peel: For those concerned with hyperpigmentation, the lactic peel helps to detach old pigmented cells and renews the skin for a smooth and clear finish.

Ultrasound Exfoliation: Sensitive skin may not always be able to tolerate many methods of deep cleansing. This is where ultrasound exfoliation can be applied. Using the power of water and ultrasound vibration, dead skin cells are blasted off the surface of the skin without the need for excess pressure, friction or vacuum suction. It leaves the skin smooth and supple without irritation.

Anti-Aging: An anti-aging treatment is applied to the skin to lift and firm the skin to improve the appearance of aging.

Radio Frequency skin tightening is a technologically advanced treatment to restructure collagen and elastin fibres and boost new collagen growth, leaving your skin firm, lifted and tighter. Radio Frequency is best for skin types with loss of firmness.

LED light therapies are healing, soothing and even suitable for hyperpigmentation. A particular wave of light is emitted from controlled diodes to aid in skin clarifying, soothing sensitivity, treating acne bacteria or cellular regeneration.

Ultrasound infusion: If your skin is dry, dull and lacking moisture, the Ultrasound Infusion is right for you. Ultrasound waves are used to push concentrated vitamins and hydration into the tissue while improving the appearance of aging, lines and wrinkles.

Hydration and soothing: Soothing treatments are a great way to boost hydration levels and leave the skin calm, cool and feeling fresh.

Cold Facial Therapy: For sensitive and heat reactive skin types the cold facial therapy works wonders to cool, calm and soothe facial heat and redness. The Cold Facial Therapy applies a controlled cool temperature the skin, effectively reducing retained heat and inflammation, reduces the appearance of vascularity.

Oxygen Infusion: The Oxygen Infusion is a deeply hydrating treatment which plumps and softens the skin, suitable for all skin types Therapeutic oxygen is used to gently infuse a hyaluronic serum into the skin making the skin softer, soothed and elastic. Great for minimising the appearance of lines and wrinkles and can be applied around the orbital eye area.

Massage: Enjoy a relaxing facial European Massage.

Specialty Mask: The All-in-One Facial is finished with a specialty anti-aging mask and collagen eye treatment that will leave your skin plumped, fresh and glowing from within.

Try the All-In-One Facial today and enjoy clearer, softer and more youthful skin with multiple anti-aging benefits. The perfect pick me up and skincare recovery treatment.


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