Enhancing Lash Lift and Brow Package


Are you tired of lash curlers, mascara and spending too much time to fill in your brows?

The Enhancing Lash Lift and Brow Package is just for you!

Bring out your best brow shape with Detailed Brow shaping with an eyebrow tint to fill in and colour your brows, allowing you to wake up with beautiful brows.

Forget the hassle of curling your lashes and wearing mascara with the newest eyelash trend, the Lash Lift, combined with an Eyelash Tint. This safe and easy procedure lifts, curls and separates lashes, while adding a gorgeous tint to deepen your lashes, leaving you  with up to 6 weeks of low maintenance lash enhancement.

Have beautifully curled fluttery lashes and perfectly shaped brows with this deluxe package.

Includes a Lash Lift Perm with Tint and a Detailed Eyebrow wax with Tint.


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