Natural Set Eyelash Extension


Natural Set Eyelash Extensions

Do you want a natural fluttery lash look?

Eyelash Extensions are a great way to avoid the hassle of wearing mascara and have beautiful lashes everyday!

The Natural Set of Eyelash Extensions is the perfect option for those who want the look and convenience of eyelash extensions without the lashes looking too heavy or dramatic. Great for everyday wear and special occasions .



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Product Description

Made with synthetic materials similar to human hair, the manufacturing methods used achieve a perfect curl for each & every lash. These synthetic Lashes will give you a soft, natural and glamorous look.

Our Signature Eyelash extensions come as graduating sizes to give you a natural look. Get fuller lashes with professional and semi-permanent eyelash extensions.

Each application is catered to the client’s desired look. Whether it is fashion, dramatic, demure, or simply natural.

Our Eyelash Extensions give the look of Instant Beauty! Eyelash Extensions available in Curls sizes 9-13mm. They last 3-4 weeks, depending on natural lash growth and maintenance. Lashes are synthetics and dark in texture. No mascara needed. Water-resistant.

Natural Set $100

Prior to your appointment kindly remove all make up and come in with a clean face.