Eyebrow Feathering – Wake up every morning with perfect eyebrows.


Are you concerned about sparse or thinning eyebrows?

Do you want to define your eyes and give structure to your brows?

Eyebrow Feathering is the newest method of semi-permanent make-up which fills in and redefines the brows. Individual strokes that look like real brows are placed into the skin using a microblade and the safest pigments, delivering natural looking results, unlike other cosmetic tattoo methods.

Includes the initial eyebrow feathering treatment, with a FREE touch up after 4 weeks, valued at $150.

Eyebrow feathering has long-lasting results and can last up to one year, after which a touch up may be needed to maintain the look.

Regular Price: $650

There is a variety of different techniques available.

Ombre Eyebrow Tattoo

Ombre Eyebrows are a soft looking tattoo, which is similar to filling in the brows with pencil or brow powder. This look is great for filling in gaps and sparse brows.

This method can be combined with Microblading for a 3D effect with longer lasting results, a natural shaded look with visible hairlike strokes.
For further information, contact us to book a consultation on 9821 3300.

Regular Price $500

Block Eyebrow Tattoo

The block eyebrow tattoo is the original method of eyebrow tattoos, which creates a solid block eyebrow. This method is the longest lasting method and has a stronger colour saturation.

Microblading $500

Combination $650

Touch Up within 12 weeks $150. After 3 months back to regular price.


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