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Tired legs and Feet treatment plus Cooling wrap


Improve your circulation, minimise water retention and soothe tension in the legs and feet, with the added bonus of minimising cellulite and skin tightening!

This Fantastic combo is a quick and effective leg pick me up, giving you the one of a kind tired legs and feet treatment, a specialised massage which improves blood and lymphatic circulation and repairs damage in the blood vessels with the power of Troxerutin. This unique ingredient of plant based origin is a flavonoid which stimulates blood circulation, reduces swelling, treats spider veins and minimises the discomfort of varicose veins. Extracted from the Japanese Pagoda tree this ingredient is of the highest purity and there is no comparison when it comes the treating the legs and feet. Lymphatic drainage and reflexology techniques are used to deeply soothe and relax swollen aching feet.

This relaxing massage is followed by our one and only Cooling Wrap, the multipurpose treatment which is fantastic for the lower body, minimises water retention, swelling, boosting circulation bringing life and vigour to the legs. This treatment also has body contouring benefits, which minimise cellulite and tighten the skin by releasing a high concentration of Centella Asia Extract, a herbal ingredient which forces the body to produce its own natural collagen from within, giving you long lasting cellulite reduction, lifting and firming.

The Tired Legs and Feet plus Cooling Wrap Treatment is the perfect refreshing package for people who are always standing on their feet or have a sedentary lifestyle.

30 Minutes


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