Bust Firming Program


The Bust Firming Program, is a holistic treatment for increasing elasticity, inducing collagen and soothing the delicate breast tissue, neck and décolletage.

The treatment begins with an invigorating coconut scrub for the entire neck, décolletage and bust area, to soften the skin and improve cellular metabolism followed by special massage techniques designed for stimulating, lifting and promoting elasticity in the beast tissue, improving the blood circulation.

The treatment is concluded with a tightening peel-off mask, which strengthens and contracts the connective tissue as it sets and dries on the skin. Delivers a 100% increase in skin hydration after treatment.

The specialised Bust Firming Program, consisting of the Bust firming lotion and a lifting mask, which boosts collagen and elastin, deeply hydrates and firms. The program is composed of specially selected herbal extracts and antioxidants to ensure healthy blood circulation in these delicate areas


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