Anti-Cellulite Body Package – Are you tired of cellulite?


Start getting ready for summer now, with the Anti-Cellulite Body Package!

This body contouring treatment includes 5 sessions Thermocavitation and 5 sessions Lymphatic Drainage Cellulite Massage.

Get a smoother figure just in time for summer!

This active treatment targets stubborn fat cells and the build-up of toxins that cause cellulite to occur. This special body package improves blood and lymphatic circulation to help your body’s elimination of toxins and to improve the appearance of cellulite.


Anti-Cellulite Package

Price $875

Thermo-Cavitation uses the power of ultrasound to break down stubborn, complex fatty acids. This process allows your body to use up stored fat as energy and breaks down fat cells in the areas affected by cellulite, making it softer, smoother and easily eliminated through the lymphatic system. Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle massage that clears blockages in the lymphatic system, allowing the elimination of toxins, while relaxing the nervous system and boosting immunity.

It is ideal for detoxification, tired legs, fluid retention, improves the skin, and is particularly effective for the reduction of cellulite.



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