Body Firming Wrap



Tighten and Tone your body for a slimmer appearance!

Want a flatter tummy, tighter skin or to minimise the appearance of cellulite?

Body Firming Wraps not only tighten the skin but also induce collagen production and improve the metabolism of localised fatty deposits. Can firm and define the arms, abdomen, buttocks or legs.


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Product Description

These cold wraps are perfect for spring and summer! Get that bikini body ready for the beach season while you have a cooling sensation which delivers the ultimate tightening results. The cryogenic effect lowers the temperature of the body, which forces stubborn fat cell reserves to be burned as calories and used by the body as energy for keeping the body warm. The treatment returns the body to its normal metabolic balance and drains excess retained fluid. By delivering nutrients and oxygen to the treated areas, cellular repair is promoted for an even, smooth and radiant skin texture.

Lose inches, detox and hydrate the skin to reveal defined contours and even the appearance of areas with stretch marks. Stubborn cellulite is targeted with ingredients for flushing toxins and breaking down fatty deposits.

Formulated with a range of powerful herbal active ingredients including Centella Asiatica to effectively restructure the skin.

The Cooling Body Firming Wraps can be used all over the body, to firm the arms, legs, the abdomen, break down stubborn back fat or even for lifting the buttocks.