Full Leg IPL


Treat the legs with IPL to reduce hair growth and prevent ingrown hair.
IPL is a light based method of hair reduction similar to laser treatment. With a series of treatments hair growth can be minimised.

• Gradually reduces hair growth
• Can even the skin tone
• Treats and prevents ingrown hair
• Gentle on the skin

Who is suitable?
• Suitable for brown and black hair

Pre Treatment Preparation 
• Book an IPL consultation if it is your first time having an IPL treatment in our clinic.
• Shave the area one day prior to treatment for body hair
• Facial hair does not need to be shaved
• Avoid excess sun exposure
• Avoid self tanning products
• Avoid strong products including peels and retinol prior to treatment

Post Treatment Aftercare
• Apply soothing cream to cool the skin. We recommend Exel Moisturising Lotion with Green Tea and Cucumber
• As the hair does not fall out instantly after treatment, you can continue to shave between sessions if needed.
• Avoid waxing or plucking between sessions