Intensive Facial with Red Light Therapy


The Intensive Facial is a classic style facial aimed at deep cleansing.  It improves skin texture, pores and hydration.
Combined with LightStim Red Light Therapy.
Red Light Therapy boosts skin renewal, antiaging for fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin tone, while increasing elasticity and collagen production. It stimulates skin healing and the benefits can be enjoyed on its own or added onto any facial or dermal treatment.
It can also improve the healing time of acne and pimples for clearer, calmer skin.

•Deep cleansing
•Removes dead skin cells
•Blackhead and white-head removal
•Improves hydration
•Stimulates skin healing
•FDA approves for wrinkle reduction and antiaging
•Improves skin tone
•Reduces skin redness
•Helps heal acne and pimples

Who is Suitable?
•General maintenance for all skin types
•Blackheads and congestion