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lymphatic drainage massage sydneyCellulite is a common condition that affects women. Cellulite occurs when fat deposits accumulate in the skin’s subcutaneous layers, eventually making it appear like an orange peel, which may be rather ugly to look at. Unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise all contribute to the formation of cellulite in the body. Decreased lymph circulation is one of the major causes of cellulite buildup.

Relationship between lymph flow and cellulite formation

The lymph system is an important part of the immune system, which consists of small structures, known as lymph nodes, and a series of lymph vessels. The lymph nodes are situated in different body parts such as the abdomen, neck, armpit, groin and inside the chest. Lymph helps rid the body of fluid waste and delivers essential nutrients to the cells.

Since lymph contains white bloods cells, good circulation of lymph means a healthy immune system. However, fat and toxins deposit may block the free flow of lymph through the body, thereby depriving the cells of nutrition. This will eventually lead to the formation of cellulite. So, to reduce cellulite, the first step is to ensure there is good circulation of lymph, which also play an important role in flushing all waste fluids out of the body. This is where lymphatic drainage massage for cellulite comes in handy. Lymphatic drainage massage is a special form of massage which can be employed to stimulate lymph circulation and get rid of cellulite.

For Cellulite: Lymphatic Drainage Massage Sydney

Developed in early 1930s by Dr. Emil Vodder, lymph drainage massage has become very popular today and is being used by many massage therapists to treat lymph related conditions, such as cellulite and lymphedema (swelling triggered by buildup of lymph in the tissues). Lymph drainage massage therapists use techniques that are different from the ones employed in other forms of massage. While practicing this therapy, professional therapists employ gentle and rhythmic strokes to stimulate the circulation of fluids in the body. The rhythm, order and direction of the strokes is important for stimulating fluid flow in the lymphatic system. The massaging strokes must be concentrated on the right node. Proper rhythm stimulates the nervous system, making the client feel more relaxed.

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Lymphatic Drainage Massage: Techniques

Gentle and rhythmical strokes help to create new pathways for lymph drainage. It is very important to determine the correct amount of pressure that can be applied to direct the excess lymph into the lymph capillaries. Therapists often apply four kinds of strokes to clear the buildup. These include rotary technique, stationary circles, pumping techniques and scoop strokes. Lymph nodes are situated near the skin and so applying gentle pressure on the affected part with repetitive strokes can promote lymph drainage. Stationary circles are gentle finger strokes that are applied in a circular manner. These strokes are administered over the face or neck.

For the rotary massage technique, the massage therapist uses his palm to gently massage the skin in a circular manner. The therapist uses his wrists to change the pressure of the massage strokes. For pumping techniques, the therapist will put his palm on the affected part and use his fingers and thumb to make oval strokes. When it comes to scoop strokes, the palms of therapist should face up with the fingers outstretched. The professional moves his cupped hands to administer twisting strokes in order to facilitate waste disposal. For each of these strokes, keep your hand movements steady and gentle. The therapist will assess the direction and the rhythm of the lymphatic flow.

If you’re planning to go for this massage, don’t take alcohol before your session. Also, avoid having a heavy meal before the session. Since lots of fluids may be transferred from the tissues to your kidneys, you may urinate more frequently. Therefore, it is advisable to drink plenty water after each session to compensate for the fluids lost.

To get the most out of this therapy, ensure you look for a professional therapist, who is highly trained about different techniques. Exclusively Beauty is known for delivering effective lymph drainage massage strokes that can help eliminate and prevent cellulite. If you want to get rid of those unsightly appearance of cellulite on your body.

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