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beauty gift vouchers

Looking for that Special Gift?

Our Beauty Gift Vouchers could be just what you need!

We are nearing the Holiday Season and gift shopping for a unique gift that will make them feel special can be quite difficult and time consuming.

Give them an indulgent experience they will remember with a Beauty Package from Exclusively Beauty. There are relaxing treatments for everyone with a range of choices to pamper, unwind and re-energize. Give them the gift you know will be delightfully appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed!

Gift Vouchers are the perfect way to pamper friends, family, loved ones and important business clients, fantastic for Christmas and all special occasions this Holiday Season.

Tired of looking around for the right gift?

Avoid the Christmas shopping rush and order a Beauty Package online or over the phone.

Here you have some recommendations:

For Teens we have the Sweet Sixteen Package or the Teen Deep Cleansing Facial.

For the Wife or Girlfriend, show her how much you care with a Silver, Gold or Platinum Package

Give busy full time Mums some me time with a Face and Body Pamper Package or an indulgent Hot Stone Massage

Mums to be deserve to be pampered with the Bronze Package or a relaxing Pregnancy Massage

Mums or Aunties will love the Queen Package or a Radio Frequency Facial to have them looking and feeling their best.

Spoil Grandma with a Queen Package or a Spa Manicure & Spa Pedicure Combo.

Treat your husband or boyfriend to the Package for Him, Men’s Signature Facial or a Remedial Massage.

Give Dad some well-deserved time out with the Men’s Anti-Aging Facial or the Package for Him

Why to choose a Gift Voucher?

Having a luxurious beauty treatment is something everyone loves, but we don’t always set aside the time for ourselves. Your loved ones will feel grateful and appreciative for some “me-time” to wind down and relax.

The great thing about a beauty gift voucher is you don’t need to be sure about their person taste to buy the right package, as with perfumes or clothing. You never have to be worried if you bought the wrong gift with a luxurious Beauty Treatment Gift Voucher from Exclusively Beauty. Our treatments are always tailored to the client’s needs and skin concerns.

Not sure if the package you have selected is the best for them? Don’t worry! The treatment can always be changed or customised to a different one to suit their needs.

Simply order online at or call our salon on 9821 3300 and our friendly staff will assist you during our easy ordering process, so your gifts will be on their way!

Need your voucher in a hurry? A printable voucher can be sent to your email address for instant delivery. We also offer delivery by Australia Post for fast reliable postal delivery.

Book in for a FREE Skin Analysis with our Professional Scanner during any Facial Treatment for an In Depth Skin Report. Our Skin Specialists will offer the best advice on how to get amazing results for all facial and body concerns.

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Do you want firmer, tighter skin?

Do you want to improve the appearance of stretch marks, cellulite and skin laxity?

Introducing Exclusively Beauty’s new Cooling Body Firming Wraps!

These cold wraps are perfect for spring and summer! Get that bikini body ready for the beach season while you have a cooling sensation which delivers the ultimate tightening results. The cryogenic effect lowers the temperature of the body, which forces stubborn fat cell reserves to be burned as calories and used by the body as energy for keeping the body warm. The treatment returns the body to its normal metabolic balance and drains excess retained fluid. By delivering nutrients and oxygen to the treated areas, cellular repair is promoted for an even, smooth and radiant skin texture.

Lose inches, detox and hydrate the skin to reveal defined contours and even the appearance of areas with stretch marks. Stubborn cellulite is targeted with ingredients for flushing toxins and breaking down fatty deposits.

Formulated with a range of powerful herbal active ingredients to effectively restructure the skin.

The cooling wraps contain:

Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract

A small herbaceous plant used in traditional Ayurvedic, Chinese and African medicine because of its antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.  It has been used for treating a variety of ailments for thousands of years including minor wounds, eczema, psoriasis, respiratory infections and ulcers.

Centella Asiatica being rich in antioxidants targets free radicals in the skin and promotes healing. This occurs by stimulating blood circulation and increasing the level of antioxidants in the area treated, which encourages the growth of fibroblasts, the cells responsible for collagen synthesis. It contains Vitamins A, B, C and D together with a range of minerals.

Its collagen boosting and anti-inflammatory properties allow Centella Asiatica to effectively diminish the appearance of stretch marks. When applied topically, it also has a tightening and toning effect, improving the appearance of cellulite and loose skin, which increases elasticity for a firmer, smoother body.  The dimply and lumpy appearance, usually found on thighs, buttocks and upper arms is also minimised by detoxifying the areas affected by cellulite.

Centella Asiatica is also effective in strengthening venous walls, valves and capillaries resulting in improved blood circulation which allows the flushing of toxins.

Camphor Extract

It is found in the wood of the camphor laurel tree. Has astringent properties, soothes redness and irritation. Camphor is the active component which provides the intensive cooling effect of the cryogenic wraps, which forces the body to use the stored energy in fatty deposits, breaking them down while restructuring the skin to have visible tightening results.

Menthol Extract

When applied topically, Menthol increases local blood flow and dilates blood vessels. This opens the skin’s channels to allow all the active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin for enhanced results.


The Cooling Body Firming Wraps can be used all over the body, to firm the arms, legs or abdomen, breaking down stubborn back fat or even for lifting the buttocks.

These powerful wraps are best done two or three times a week for best results. Wear the wraps for a minimum of 3 to 5 hours and drink at least 2 to 3 litres of water daily to allow full hydration and the flushing of toxins. For best results follow a healthy diet and regularly exercise. The application only takes 10 minutes in salon and the treatment works as you wear it. The longer you wear the wrap, the better the results!

Always use Exel Body Firming Lotion and Body Firming Cream during and after treatment to maintain results and further improve skin texture on a daily basis.


1 Session of the Cooling Body Firming Wrap $45 each

Purchase a series of 5 wraps and receive 1 free

Purchase a series of 10 wraps and get 2 free


Cooling Body Firming Wraps can be combined with Ultrasonic Thermo-Cavitation for the ultimate body contouring results.

Only in December:

Purchase a series of 5 sessions of Ultrasonic Thermo Cavitation and get 1 wrap free

Purchase a series of 10 sessions of Ultrasonic Thermo Cavitation and get 2 wraps free


Call Exclusively Beauty on 9821 3300 to book a FREE Consultation.

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Its that time of year again, please see below our opening hours during the festive season.

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