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Safe Spray Tan: Does It Exist?

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The age of the faux-bronzed Aussie is definitely here to stay, with the sunless tanning category listed among the top 10 fastest growth industries according to a new report by IBISWorld, due to growing discomfort with exposure to harmful UV rays through sun baking and solarium use.

With this increased interest and dependency on sunless tanning solutions to help the population maintain an enviable glow all year round, it’s important to consider just what exactly is helping you to achieve that natural, healthy-looking tan.

A market leader and innovator in the sunless tanning category, the US-made and owned Aviva Labs® Inc., prides itself on their transparency and policy of disclosure when it comes to their solutions and their ingredients.

Disturbingly, independent market and product research by Aviva Labs Australasia has shown that many spray tan companies are still not at ease in disclosing their ingredient listings or even know what ingredients their solutions contain preferring to encourage customers to check if they are sensitive or allergic to ingredients via a patch test.

Safe Spray Tan – How many consumers know exactly what they are spraying on their skin?

Since 2003, the mission of Aviva Labs has been to develop products for a beautiful glow that are safe for the even the most sensitive of skin. With nothing to hide, Aviva Labs™ proudly disclose their ingredients on their website(s), in all literature and on all product labels. These products are aligned with their corporate philosophy of Beauty Today. Health for Life.™

All Aviva Labs™ solutions are designed for the most sensitive of skin, minimizing any risk of consumers having an allergic reaction. They contain only the highest quality, natural or safe ingredients. They are truly hypoallergenic with just 13 ingredients – 2/3 less ingredients than many other solutions on the market.

There has been heated debate and fear-instilled dialogue surrounding Parabens and sulphates in recent years, and the trend for products to become FREE of such ingredients/additives. This activity has clearly resonated with consumers and the industry, with many companies opting to use ‘FREE’ products.

However, one key ingredient that has stirred interest recently is Brown HT (also called Chocolate Brown HT, Brown, Caramel, Food Brown 3, and C.I. 20285), a brown colour, petroleum-derived, coal tar and azo dye. When used in skin care products, like spray tan solutions, Brown HT can induce hypersensitivity, and skin ailments including eczema, dermatitis, itching, rashes, and hives. It can also cause bad reactions in people allergic to aspirin and has been known to induce allergic reactions, asthma in some cases, cancer.

Brown HT has such potentially dangerous health risks that it has even been banned in the US, Canada, Japan and many European countries.

Surprisingly, it has not yet been banned here and many Australian spray tan solutions, which have not evolved since they don’t sell internationally, still contain this potentially harmful ingredient.

Although cosmetic regulations require ingredients to be clearly disclosed on the label, many companies continue to ignore this regulation. Therefore, unbeknownst to the consumer and the company working with the solution you may be using sunless solutions with Brown HT.

In an industry that works to promote the ‘safe’ approach to tanning – UV-free and sunless – how can we promote and use products that may contain potentially harmful ingredients, and NOT be aware of this or disclose it to consumers, via ingredient listings, labels or verbal discussion?

Shouldn’t we be demanding to see the ingredients in the products we are spraying on our clients?

With so much choice, and so many different brands and products on the market, it is clear that the emerging trend for consumers is to choose the safest option – the company that is transparent, and well informed with regards to all facets of their brand/product, especially ingredients.

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