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Men’s Waxing Sydney: Escalating in Popularity

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Are you a man who is looking to enhance his external appearance? Afraid of getting rid of hair in ways that aren’t meant for men, thus leading to embarrassing situations? Well, don’t be! Skincare, grooming and waxing has far stopped being gender-specific! Men often tend to shy away from hair waxing, since they believe it will be too painful or embarrassing, but with the rising popularity of male waxing and the development of modern waxes, many men are opting for a smooth and sexy look. We, at Exclusively Beauty, are fully skilled and trained to understand all of the requirements of men’s waxing in Sydney. We provide a clean and safe environment, and our ultimate goal is for you to be as comfortable as possible.

Why Men’s Waxing in Sydney?

It is becoming much more common for men to wax their bodies. Many women out there aren’t really attracted to hairy guys, and men are understanding of this and are taking notice. When one observes a sports magazine or fashion magazine, the photos of the men without their shirts are almost entirely of males who have absolutely no chest hair. Companies are recognizing the fact that females are more into men that don’t have body hair, which is why they are using this in their marketing campaigns. Men generally look at such ads and want to have the appearance of these guys, who look in great shape.

Going to a spa is no longer a thing that is purely dedicated for women. In fact, spas are currently offering many more treatments for men. These include back and chest waxing, eyebrow waxing, genital waxing, and more! The trend of men’s waxing in Sydney and Australia in general is sharply increasing in popularity.

There are various other methods that men can use to get rid of undesired body hair. Men’s waxing in Sydney is indeed more painful than the famous laser treatment option, but it is also a much cheaper option. Laser hair removal provides back and chest hair removal that is both quick and effective. Though, as previously mentioned, it is a more expensive treatment.

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When compared to shaving, waxing is undoubtedly the superior option, since it keeps the body hair away for a much longer period of time. Shaving only removes the hair from the surface of the skin, while waxing eliminates hair from its own follicle root, which prevents the hair from quickly re-growing.

The process of Men’s Waxing

Waxing is quite a simple process, which many men believe is extremely painful. Although it may be at first, but the more it is performed the less painful waxing becomes. Adverse effects may include bumps, caused by ingrown hairs, and redness which is caused by irritation. Though, with proper care following the waxing process, these side effects can be easily prevented. It is essential to keep the designated waxing area clean and exfoliated for a few days after the treatment. In addition, we advise avoiding sunlight for several days afterwards, since the skin is a bit sensitive after the treatment and sunlight can cause unwanted irritation.

Waxing is basically performed by spreading the wax over the region that needs to be treated. Afterwards, a strip of cloth is placed over the wax, which adheres to it. The strip is then rapidly pulled away, allowing the hair that stuck to the strip to be removed. This is the part that many men are afraid of, but it is important to remember that this gets far less painful after the follicle becomes weaker and hair is removed with far more ease.

The benefits of men’s waxing are endless, primarily enabling your muscle definition to become much more apparent and your body skin to become much smoother. This is the type of skin that women are naturally attracted to. You’d be hard pressed to find a man that doesn’t want to appear more appealing to the ladies. Chest and back waxing are common areas that are treated, but you can practically wax just about any body area that has unwanted hair.

Let us, at Exclusively Beauty, help you look and feel better. Apart from men’s waxing in Sydney, we perform various other treatment procedures, such as stem cell facial treatments and laser hair removal. Our experienced therapists will effectively wax and leave your skin silky and soft without much pain. Our waxing products are always of highest quality and cater for sensitive and normal skins. Contact us today for further information!

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