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Are You Stressed Out About Your Student Formal Farewell?

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Well, don’t worry anymore because this information is everything you will need for your special night. This will take away your stress and make you a PRINCESS on the night!

Four weeks before:

  • Buy the dress
  • Ask your parents how much they are willing to pay for the dress.
  • Bring a friend along for an honest opinion.

Choose a comfortable dress:

  • If you are curvy, choose a straight-lined dress
  • If you are skinny, choose a flouncy, frilly dress.
  • Make sure you like the colours of the dress and do not be afraid to go with a multi coloured dress.
  • Buy your shoes
  • Make sure you choose colours that match with your dress.
  • Make sure they are comfortable.
  • If you are not too keen on heels go for flats.

Book your Beauty Therapist:

  • Make a free consultation with your Beauty Therapist about your skin condition whether you need an intensive facial to remove black heads and exfoliate to improve your skin for the makeup.
  • Don’t forget to tidy up your eyebrows and wax your underarms and legs
  • Ask for professional advice about your make up.

Make sure you look natural:

  • Do not put too much on because your look will seem too artificial.
  • Choose colours that match with your dress.
  • Discuss with your parents what you would like to do and see if they feel OK with you wearing that amount of makeup, and also the style
  • Ask your Beauty Therapist what people your age do for these special nights and ask for a quote.
  • If you have a picture you really like, show it to your Beauty Therapist to get something similar.

Book your Hairdresser:

  • Consider having your hair styled by an award winning stylist to complement your make up and outfit for the special “Night”
  • Contact Runway Salone for a free consultation to discuss all your hair needs. www.runwaysalone.com.au

Exercise and Healthy Eating:

  • Make sure you keep healthy by eating 5 vegies and 3 fruits
  • Exercise by going on walks with friends chatting about the night and at least exercise for 30 minutes.
  • And just keep healthy.

Book your Limo:

  • Have a good long chat about this particular one with your folks because it costs a lot of money
  • Bring your dad along to see which one is the best and maybe the cheapest.
  • Go around to multiple places and ask for quotes.
  • Then sit down with your folks and decide which one you would like.

On the day:

  • Wake up
  • Have a nice healthy breakfast.
  • Moisturise your face with nice shooting face cream.
  • Go to your appointments
  • Remember all your appointments and their times. A very good idea is to write it down in a diary to remember.
  • If going to the hairdresser, wear and old shirt or buttoned up shirt to avoid damaging your hairstyle.
  • With the makeup artist do the same things to avoid make up getting on your special clothes.

Arrive at the farewell:

  • You are finally all ready and you are looking fantastic. Now just enjoy your special day.
  • Have a great night to remember forever!

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