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Monday: By appointment only (please send us a contact request or call us)
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Contact Information:
1/156-158 Northumberland Street Liverpool, Sydney
Phone: (02) 9821 3300 alternatively 0411 838 192

There are many reasons as to why you should make use of our beauty salon in Bonnyrigg. There are many salons but getting the best is not an easy task. There are many people who have been looking for such salons but they end up complaining of not getting the type of services they wanted. It is therefore paramount to take some time and look for that salon that gives you the best services you want. Be it beauty treatments, massage services and any other service offered in a salon. We have been offering such services for a longer period and most of our customers have been satisfied with the services we offer. Below are some of the reasons as to why you should make use of our services:

Beauty Salon near Bonnyrigg: Why Choose Us ?

1.We Have Been In The Field For A Longer Period And We Provide The Best Services

We have been offering such services for a longer period and we have a reputable experience. Our team has been exposed to different problems related to beauty salon and they provide effective solutions within the shortest time possible. Therefore, making use of our services will guarantee you instant solutions within the shortest time possible. If you consider the services of newbies, they will take more time and may not even come up with an effective solution to a complicated beauty issue. Therefore, use our services to explore more beauty options due to the experience and exposure we have.

2.We Are Licensed To Offer Beauty Salon Services

How do you know that a given agent offer genuine services? This may not be easy to some individuals and besides, most people do not mind about the genuine nature of the services offered. It is important to consider the genuine nature of the services because vague services may affect you and you pay more. The best way to tell genuine and vague services is to check the license of the salon. The license should be from a genuine licensing body. This is because before they are issued with a license, they are vetted to ensure that the services they offer not only meet the required quality standards but are also offered at standard prices. We have been licensed and you will be assured of genuine services if you consider our beauty salon in Bonnyrigg.

3.We Offer Professional Services

This is another paramount aspect that puts us ahead of most competitors. We have well trained staffs who have been properly trained on their various fields of specialization. This means that you will be attended by the experts who are fully aware of what they are doing. Besides, we have trained all our staffs on customer care relation. They know how to handle different customers with different needs. With our properly trained staffs, you will be assured of what you want within the shortest time possible. The consider customers first before anyone else. Therefore, use our services so as to enjoy professional services.

4.We Are Easily Available And Accessible

We are located in the CBD area of Liverpool Sydney. We are off a main road and easy walking distance from street parking. We take walk in customers and also you can pre book an appointment over the internet on our website or via email or phone. We aim to make your experience a pleasurable one.

5.Our Prices Are Competitive

We are competitively priced. Our services are of a professional grade and we use professional salon products for our treatments such as using the range of international renowned Exel Skin Care products, it is our salon. We have set our prices standard depending on the nature of services our customers want. We ensure that they get what they want based on the money they pay. Besides, we have ensured that all categories of customers are taken care of by setting our prices based on the scope of services we offer. You will pay more if you want more services. This means that even a customer who is not financially stable can access our services comfortably just like a financially stable customer.

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Exclusively Beauty
We are a professional beauty salon in Liverpool that serves the Bonnyrigg region.
1/156-158 Northumberland Street
Liverpool, NSW
Phone: (02) 9821 3300